Sound Sessions


Intuitive Singing Bowls Attunements

Image taken by Chelsea Danielle

Image taken by Chelsea Danielle

An Intuituve Singing Bowl Attunement is a combination of approximately 30 Crystal and Tibetan Singings Bowls. I work with many Classic Frosted Crystal Singing Bowls, an Amethyst Bowl, Citrine Bowl and some Optical Quarts Bowls. In addition I also work with a very powerful 9-inch Crystal Singing Bowl made of Citrine, Kyanite, and Ocean Indium. This bowl took two years to make and is a one-of-a-kind Alchemy Crystal Singing Bowl. The healing properties of these two stones and a metal, aid me in connecting deeper with mind, body, and spirit. 

I am deeply connected to my bowls and I have a very strong relationship with them. I have a deep love for the work I am doing with them. I play the bowls by striking, rimming or bowing. I also now have a new addition to my sound healing; I have been blessed with the singing crystal pyramids. The work that these pyramids provide is expansive. 

The client feels the sound vibrations in every cell of his/her body. The vibration of the sound assists in bringing the client back into balance and is very healing to the energetic bodies as well as the physical body. When doing this type of session I work very closely with my guides and intention to make this a very powerful and healing session. I Complete the Sound Healing session with Reiki for deep relaxation.

A session is sliding scale $75 – $100

Full Sound Session

This healing session is an intuitive Sound Healing. I work very closely with guidance, and am assisted through these sessions.  In these Sound Healings I may incorporate toning, singing bowls, chimes, tibetan tingsha, and bells. Full Sound Healing allows me to bring in and work with many healing sounds such as, Drums, Rattles, Rain Sticks, Peruvian Seed Pods, and Gongs.  

I have also been blessed with Singing Crystal Pyramids. These Pyramids provide an expansiveness that helps the client heal and get clarit,y especially in times of life’s transitions. Sound Healing provides very deep healing on all levels. I complete all Sound sessions with Reiki for deep relaxation and additional healing.

A session is sliding scale $75-$100


Chakra Bowl Attunements

Chakra Session

The client lies on a massage table on his/her side or back during the session. I work the front of the client’s chakras, the Hara line the  physical space in the body and the back of the chakras, starting with the first and moving up to the seventh Chakra creating balance and a feeling of overall well-being . I complete all Chakra sessions with Reiki for deep relaxation and additional healing.

A session is sliding scale $75 – $100

Image taken by  Janiel Giraldo

Image taken by  Janiel Giraldo


Finding Your Tones

This is a three session process. I work with the client and help them find the toning sounds that work best for them. In general a specific issue is usually what we work on but not necessary, such as grounding or clarity.  Learn how to adjust these self-healing sounds for day to day use. This is an amazing tool that will last a lifetime!

Must commit to all three sessions.

Each session is one hour to two hours Total cost  $200