my name is Kausalya, Denise Payne-Ollivier

Image taken by Chelsea Danielle

Image taken by Chelsea Danielle

I have a great love for Usui Reiki and Sound Healing. These healing modalities in addition to working with Crystals and Essential Oils, call to me, clearing the way allowing me to do my true work in life.

I'm a Jikiden Reiki Shihan (Teacher) certified and continuing to study with Tadao Yamaguchi and Frank Arjava Petter. I offer Jikiden Shoden (Level I) and Okuden (level II) Seminars as well as Jikiden Reiki treatments for Physical, Mental/Emotional and a special treatment that assists in the breaking of habits. I'm also an independent Usui Reiki Master/Teacher who has studied with 3 different Western Reiki Masters/Teachers.  I have been offering Reiki healing and trainings in the Usui System of Natural Healing in Northern California since 2007.

Jikiden Reiki is the Usui linage directly from Japan as taught by Hayashi Sensei. With Jikiden Reiki the sessions provide healing on a soul level. Addressing physical issues as well as mental-emotional issues. Jikiden Reiki has a specific treatment that assist in behavior change.  

I am honored to offer my students and clients the original teachings of Usui Reiki.  I completed my Shihan (advanced teacher level) in February 2017. This has allowed me to begin teaching both Shoden and Okeden in these original uninfluenced Usui teachings from Japan. Allowing my students to become Jikiden Reiki Practitioners. I will continue with my Jikiden Reiki training to further my knowledge and teachings for myself, students and the benefit of my clients.

My Western Reiki Training sprouts from, Reiki Master/Teacher's, Linda Wahlund, Joy Metcalfe, and Joan Walsh, in addition to much study and self-work.

I believe that we must commit to continual work on ourselves to best serve others for their highest good. So I am honored to commit to my students,  clients and myself, to always be the best student I can be.

I have trained in many different healing modalities and have been taught by many amazing teachers. These teachers include but are not limited to, Jonathan Goldman, Melanie Z. Tolley, and Karen Kuk-Nagle. 

Healing with Reiki & Sound Healing space

I'm a member of the Sound Healers Association, a Group Leader and member of The Distance Healing Network. I have many students that continue to work with me monthly, volunteering in conventional facilities in the community. Since 2009 I have provided with the assistance of my students a Reiki Clinic to Veterans at the Eureka Redwood Vet Center, assisting Veterans through their healing process.

I'm also a Certified Addictions Treatment Counselor working with Veterans at the Eureka Vet Center.  When my schedule allows, I facilitate Sound Meditations, Toning Training and Sound Healing work with Humboldt County AOD program and other organizations that work with Addiction.  Please note that do not offer drug and alcohol counseling in my healing practice. I only work under a licensed LCSW or Therapist at Eureka Vet Center.  I cannot provide group or one on one counseling for AOD and cannot by law provide any hands on work with clients I have counseled for addiction.

However I do have students that are practitioners that can accommodate these clients. 

Singing Bowls in the healing room                                                               Image taken by Chelsea Danielle

Singing Bowls in the healing room                                                               Image taken by Chelsea Danielle

I provide training for individual and group in Western Usui Reiki Training up to Reiki Master Level (I am not training Master/Teachers). It is such an honored to facilitate others on their healing path.

Sound healing can be done in any size group, large or small and in private session or I will gladly come to you for an additional fee.
Private classes and sessions are offered on weekends for the convenience of my clients and students.

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