Jikiden & Western Reiki Classes Listed below


Kausalya Denise receiving the Gokai Scroll from Tadao Sensei Feb 2017

Kausalya Denise receiving the Gokai Scroll from Tadao Sensei Feb 2017

Jikiden Reiki Seminars

Jikiden Reiki Seminars can be scheduled at the students convenient if there are 2 or more students wanting to attend

I am pleased to announce that as my schedule allows I am more than happy to travel to teach Reiki classes if sponsored by a host. Please contact me directly for additional information and requirements on these classes and seminars.

Jikiden in Mt Shasta CA


Jikiden Reiki Seminars in McKinleyville CA

McKinleyville CA Healing Space

McKinleyville CA Healing Space


 Jikiden Reiki Shoden (Level I) 

Weekend August 19th and 20th 201

August 19th (Sat)      9:45am ~ 6:00pm (Shoden Part 1)

August 20th (Sun)     10:00am ~ 6:30pm (Shoden Part 2-3)

(registration, certificates, manuals, snack/tea)

Jikiden Reiki first level Shoden offers many beautiful effective concepts and techniques; here are a few things you will learn in this two day seminar

Receive 3 traditional Japanese Reiju (attunements)

Verified history of Reiki - Usui Sensei's life

The history of Jikiden Reiki - the Yamaguchi family

The objectives of Jikiden Reiki

Meaning and purpose of Gokai - the five Reiki Principles in Japanese

All traditional and uninfluenced Japanese concepts & techniques required to complete Shoden Level I

Cost : $350

 Please contact Kausalya Denise at 707-382-2779to register


Okuden Weekend  (Level 2)

August 26th (Sat)   9:45am ~ 6:00pm

August 27th (Sun) 10:00am ~ 6:00pm

In Jikiden Reiki Okuden you continue on your journey of the original uninfluenced Japanese Reiki teachings as taught by Hayashi Sensei.

Receiving 2 reiju (attunements and you will learn about: 

Reviewing contents of Shoden level  

The second Shirushi (symbol)

A treatment for psychological and emotional issues

Distant Healing as Usui Sensei did and taught

Receive and read  Kokai Denju (the notes Usui Sensei) 

Reiki practice/exchange

Cost $400.00 includes, full class, English and Japanese certificates, Handout, snack/tea

Please contact Kausalya Denise at 707-382-2779to register


Western Usui Reiki Classes


Reiki Level I 


Join Denise for a one day private class or group and receive your Reiki Level I certification

Course Curriculum

  • What is Reiki
  • How it works
  • Intro to our energy bodies.
  • Benefits of Reiki
  • Ethics
  • 5 Reiki Principles & Ideals
  • Self-protection with Reiki
  • History of Reiki
  • 21 Day mediation
  • Self-treatment
  • Treating others
  • Japanese techniques
  • Practice Practice Practice

Reiki Level II

Image taken by Chelsea Danielle

Image taken by Chelsea Danielle


Join Denise for a one day private class or group and receive your Reiki Level II certification

Course Curriculum

  • Reiki Level I review (questions and answers)
  • Developing your intuition
  • Intermediate Japanese techniques
  • Symbols- correct way to write, how to use
  • Distance healing- Learn formula and sending
  • Client forms and documenting client visits
  • Japanese techniques
  • Specific treatment plans for specific ailments
  • Practice Practice Practice


Reiki Masters Class!


Join Denise for a full weekend group class or a one day private class and receive your Reiki Masters certification

Course Curriculum

  • Level I and Level II review
  • Review Level II symbols
  • Master symbols
  • Masters techniques,  Violet Breath, Aura Clearing, Attunements
  • Advanced Japanesetechnique
  • Types of Attunements
  • New symbols
  • Practice Practice Practice