In the world of holistic healers and healing arts practitioners, it can be difficult to find someone whose expertise and experience meld together in a way that makes them the perfect teacher for you. How fortunate I am to have found my perfect Reiki instructor! I am a somewhat demanding student in that I want to be challenged by the material, be presented with a strong curriculum, and feel confident in my new found tools and education when I leave.  In other words, I want to leave feeling fully prepared to utilize my education.

Denise Payne-Ollivier not only teaches the fundamentals, but the history and underlying foundation of Reiki in such a way that there is a continuity of ideals and tradition. Denise’s teaching style is fun, respectful of the material, flexible to meet everyone’s needs, and inspirational as she shares her experiences as examples of how to live the Reiki life.

Denise embraces everyone right where they are in their life journey. With loving concern, she ensures that each student understands the material and is comfortable with the practice. She often tells us, “Here is the tradition, but do what feels right for you!”

I am honored to have Denise in my Reiki lineage, and I know you would be too!

Zanna Majerle, Fortuna Ca
Reiki Master 2015


I am writing on behalf of Denise Payne-Ollivier regarding her talent in the field of Reiki Healing Arts. I have personally experienced Denise’s hands-on healing therapy on two occasions: one for a general therapy and the other for a migraine I was experiencing in the middle of office hours. On both occasions Denise was able to bring me relief. Not only did she bring me relief, but significant relief to the point of being able to go back to seeing patients after her session with me. I would say that 90% of my headache was relieved with a 15 minute session. I have also trusted Denise to help my patients – on several occasions she has stepped in at my request when I thought that Reiki was appropriate for the patient. In all the occasions the patient felt better when they left. These patients are still asking for her services. I have received treatments from other Reiki Masters and I can truly and honestly say what Denise does is far superior to their sessions. I can highly and without reservation attest to Denise’s ability, professionalism, approach and talent to the point of trusting her treatments around myself and my patients. I would also extend this trust to the healers she teaches. Denise has exceptional personal and professional boundaries and is able to interface with all kinds of patients and clients with compassion and tact. She has demonstrated this in her capacity as my former Front Office Staff member.

 Sincerely, Kate McCaffrey D.O..

Denise is my Master/Teacher and has been facilitating me in my healing process as well as being a great friend. I am happy to share how lucky I am to have found such a gifted practitioner. Denise is a dedicated student of metaphysics, life force energy medicine, sound medicine and crystology. I call her a student because Denise is always learning more about her craft, pushing herself to new heights, and growing. She is a already an incredibly talented healer. This is one of the many things that make her so special. Denise is respectful of people’s boundaries and honest. She is in this for the pure reason to help facilitate others in their healing process. She goes above and beyond and is invested in the well-being of her clients. When I met her I was in the middle of a flare up of my illness. I came to see Denise for reiki and singing bowl work. I feel that the work she is doing with me is helping me on many levels. I have felt physical improvements when my illness is flared up. I feel that the sound and energy medicine have really helped me and I look forward to getting my Reiki Master attunement from Denise in the future as well as continuing to receive healing treatments.

 Allison Stangeland, Eureka Ca.


Denise Payne-Ollivier is an accomplished Reiki Master and Master of Crystology. She has a big heart, compassionate spirit, and healing touch. In the past few years, I have experienced atrial fibrillation and Denise’s energy work has helped me tremendously. In 2008, I received my Reiki Master Attunement and it was a great experience that has changed my life.

 Vicky Sherwood, McKinleyville Ca.

I consider myself very fortunate to be involved in a community that promotes various forms of healing arts. By the grace of a source that is greater than all of us, this path has lead me to Denise. Instantly, there was a connection between us and I knew that she could and would help me on all planes, (mentally, spiritually, and emotionally). I started receiving treatments from her and then became a student. I still go to her for treatments and have watched her progression. 

Denise is very strongly connected to her work. She not only aids the physical body in divine peace, she aided me in seeing things that I had a tendency to become too attached to. She has helped me with resolution and direction. Which has opened me up to see my work much clearer, and with a little less resistance to making changes. Denise continues to inspire me daily and I am eternally grateful to call her my friend, healer, teacher…

Nicole Morrison Eureka, Ca

Denise’s Reiki on me has been transformational. She has helped in many ways including purpose clarity, finding spiritual guidance and awareness, chakra adjustments, and much more. Most remarkably her bowl work on me was astounding and profound. It is very powerful work and released so much emotion it was at first overwhelming but eventually one of the best things I have ever done for myself. She has referred me to others that have led to a much deeper and moving understanding of myself as well as offering a beginning Reiki class that I am looking forward to taking soon. I value not only Denise’s incredible work she does but the spirit in which she does it. If anyone is looking to explore themselves in a warm, safe, supportive environment, I could not recommend anyone higher than I do Denise.

Denise Dodd, Arcata, Ca.


I started an amazing adventure of my soul in 2011 with Denise Payne-Ollivier as my Reiki Master.  I embarked on this adventure with objectivity, openness, skepticism, spirituality, logic, and hope for soul growth.  

Reiki came into my life first, just as a glowing word that lived in my mind.  I would hear the word “Reiki” at random occurrences and it shined bright in my mind for some reason, even though I knew nothing about it.  It took me a whole year of hearing the word and experiencing the glow of it before I decided to research it.

My research brought me to a place of curiosity, hope, skepticism, and interest.  I sought out a Reiki Master early in 2011 in the South Lake Tahoe, CA area, but she was unprepared to take on any new students.  The temporary delay sparked my motivation to find the Reiki Master who was meant to teach ME!

Several months later I moved to Arcata, CA from South Lake Tahoe, CA.  I researched Reiki Masters in the area and found 5 different options.  I spoke with 2 of my options for teachers over the phone, Denise being one of them.  When I first spoke to Denise, it struck me how she seemed very interested to meet me, and she felt kind to me through the phone.

I met up with Denise a few weeks after speaking with her on the phone and I immediately knew she was the one who would be a major guide on this soul journey I was about to embark on.  She attuned me to Reiki-I in late 2011, Reiki-II in 2012, and Reiki Master Level in 2015.

Denise’s Reiki practice is very professional with outstanding materials from The International Center For Reiki Training in addition to her own materials. She is an Associate member of The  Reiki Membership Association, and is an approved Reiki provider by the California Board of Registered Nurses.  She has extensive experience providing Reiki healing to veterans of war, substance abuse, and addictions populations.  I worked closely with Denise, offering Reiki treatments to veterans of war and they would often express to us how Reiki brings a deep sense of peace to them, and helps them soothe symptoms of PTSD and chronic pain.

It has been a great joy to learn from Denise and I would highly recommend her to anyone interested in looking for an outstanding Reiki Master who is committed to the ongoing learning process of her students no matter what level they are at.  She is fully committed to helping her students grow and guides them on their way to their own health and wellbeing.  Her students often progress to offer Reiki treatments to clients, and create health care businesses.

Reiki is a sacred experience and every individual experiences it differently.  I will mention that my own experience has been that of challenging mental/emotional growth with Reiki there to support me and teach me with a feeling of comfort, acceptance, understanding, and love.  Thank you so much Denise for being an outstanding person and Reiki Master!

Jeff Luster